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    How to create the PERFECT advertisement Part 1


    For the next couple of weeks I will be discussing the Do's & Don'ts of advertising. I will give you tips & advice I've gained over 15 years in the advertising industry. Please use these tips to create your next perfect advertisemnt, poster, pamphlets or any marketing material that you use to advertise your business, service or product.

    1. Include your address!
    2. Consider personalising a mobile number.
    3. Use your website as your email address.
    4. Use quality images.
    5. Always keep your market in mind.

    These 5 points might not make much sense now...keep on reading to understand advertising better!

    Have a look at the ad / poster below:



    What do you think is wrong with this advertisement? Just by going through the list above?

    I'm going to leave you with this image and next time go through the steps with reference to this ad.

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